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Here at LR Estate Planning we have access to a safe and secure storage facility.  So, we are able to keep all of your important documents in one place, till the time comes when you and your loved ones need them most. This is because, we understand that all this hard and necessary work to protect your estate and make sure, that it is properly prepare to pass to those who you wish to inherit will find themselves being delayed in a process, if they can’t find the documents when the time comes.

That is why we have decided to find a solution to the last gap in the in puzzle. By making sure your documents are accessible to those who will need them. We believe that the grief and hassle, that comes when losing a loved one is hard enough, without dealing with the stress of knowing that the proper procedures have been put in place. But it’s the finding and locating of the documents are what is holding up the process.

That is why here at LR Estate Planning we have been able to source a reliable storage facility to hold all of your important legal documents in one place so you can rest easy knowing that your loved ones will be able to access them.

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Can I have access to my documents whenever I like?

Yes, your documents are yours and you will be able to have access to them on your request.

Will you hold other documents that you drafted yourselves such as the deeds to my home?

Yes if you would like us to hold your other Important documents such as the deeds to your home, to keep them all together with your will then we will do so.

Would my attorneys be able to access my documents if I was no long had capacity?

Your attorney will be able to access your documents if you have stated that they can see your will in your LPA’s. if you are unsure if they will be able to access these documents, then talk to one of the LR Estate Planners they will be able to explain to you if you have given your Attorney access to these documents. Our advisers will be able to explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of allowing your adviser access to these documents so you can make more of an informed decision. regarding who you would like to have access to them.

Who would I have to talk to have access to my documents?

If you have taken your storage out with us the contact LR Estate Planning and we will be able to arrange the delivery of your documents for you.

What if I wanted to redraft my Will would you destroy my old will for me, so there is no confusion or would that be down to me?

Yes, if you want us to safely dispose of your old Will then we will do so.

Would you hold the deeds to foreign property that I hold abroad?

Yes, will hold any documents that you require to be held in a secure storage.

How quickly will you be able to get my documents to me if I request them?

Once you have sent us a request for your documents, we will go through the correct channels to have your documents sent out to you, in recorded delivery this turn around typically takes 10 working days.

How is my storage payed for?

Your storage Is paid through direct debit. And is paid for annually.

Can I choose to take out storage at a later date?

Yes, if you wish to take out storage at a later date, we are happy to. but if you choose not to take storage out with us then we advise that you keep all your documents in a safe location.

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