How can a Pre-Nuptial agreement protect my estate? | LR

Prenuptial agreements are often overlooked in estate planning, but although they are not currently legally-binding they still have a place in protecting your estate. However, some people shy away from them because of the unromantic stigma attached to them. People don’t like to plan for the divorce when they are still in the process of planning the wedding. But it is such an important step in securing your estate’s financial future that this is arguably the best time to talk about the breakdown of a relationship. Marriage is not something to be entered into lightly.

You are in a new stage of your lives together, with a fresh, clear vision of the future, but you also have taken stock of what is yours and what you are bringing to the relationship. If you were to break up wouldn’t you want to keep what is rightfully yours?

When you get married you are essentially joining your estates together, so if your relationship broke down you would need to unpick the lives that you have woven together, including the assets that you brought to the relationship. A Pre-Nuptial agreement can help protect your interest right from the start and speed up the divorce process.

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