A more in-depth look at how Pre-Nuptial agreements work | LR

It’s no secret that marriages don’t seem to last anymore in the UK, it has been reported that seem to with divorce rates rising it is more important than ever to make sure you protect what is yours.

Under current law, Pre-Nuptial agreements are not legally-binding, although the courts are now starting to take them into consideration in divorce cases. The purpose of the Pre-Nuptial agreement is to show that, when a couple was on more of an amicable term, they had spoken about what they would see as a fair division of the estate if they were ever to divorce. This shows to the court that they have clearly stated what each party brought to the union when they married.

A Pre-Nuptial agreement usually covers the assets owned by each individual as well as any potential inheritances. It sets out clearly ‘who gets what’ and how a joint account may be divided up.

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