Is an Advance Statement the same as an Advance Decision? | LR

No. An Advance Decision (short for Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment) is a document that allows you to make a legally binding refusal of medical treatment in advance of a time that you lose capacity. An Advance Decision only concerns refusals of medical treatment, whereas an Advance Statement can include any information that you feel is important in relation to your health or care. C

This naturally brings us to the question, what is an Advance Statement? An Advance Statement (sometimes called a Statement of Wishes) is a general statement about anything that is important to you in relation to your future treatment and wellbeing. You can use it to express your preferences for care or to detail any values or beliefs that inform the decisions you make. An Advance Statement helps to ensure that, if you lose capacity in the future, your wishes are known and followed. It supports people involved in your care to understand your wishes if you cannot speak or make decisions for yourself. ‘Capacity’ is the ability to make a decision. For more information on capacity see our factsheet How are decisions made for me if I don’t have capacity?

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