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An often overlooked but important area of company administration is Company Secretarial duties, which can include:

  • Advice relating to the registration and formation of a business as well as name changes,
  • Changing the company’s accounting year end date with Companies House and HMRC,
  • Filing of a company’s annual confirmation statement,
  • Appointment of company directors and secretaries,
  • Keeping record of company minutes,
  • Handling all matters concerning shareholding and issuance of share certificates.

It’s important you adhere to the legislation of the Companies Act 1985 and 2006 to avoid severe penalties from failing to comply with your filing requirements. We can handle all of the above to remove the burden of what might seem like an insignificant job from you.

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What is Companies House?

All forms of UK companies must be registered with Companies House – the UK Government’s agency based in Cardiff concerned with holding records of company activity, directors and financial statements.

Can people see my company's information?

Companies House records are public documents and as such can be searched for by members of the public and other Government departments. Information relating to the shareholding, financial statements, trading address and list of directors are all in the public domain, although it is not mandatory to display the home address of a director.

Do I have to use the LR Connections office as my registered address?

Any address can be used as a company’s registered address but it should be remembered that this address will be shown on the Companies House public record. Naturally, not everybody is comfortable with their home address or business address available to see on the public record and it is therefore common to use an agent’s address as a registered address but bear in mind that any official correspondence will be sent to this address.

What is a confirmation statement?

Formally known as an annual return, a confirmation statement is a mandatory requirement for a registered company to confirm details such as addresses, shareholding and business activity. Companies House impose financial penalties for the late filing of a confirmation statement.

Do I have to display my company's information anywhere?

A business registered with Companies House is legally required to display certain details on their website and in emails including its name and address, any professional trade membership and the membership number and VAT registration number (if VAT registered). Not adhering to this rules can result in a fine from Companies House.

Can I use a PO box as my registered office?

Companies House allow a PO box to be used for a company’s registered office providing that the full physical address of the PO box service building is also provided in order for it to be recognised by Royal Mail’s system. The use of PO boxes is generally discouraged as they are perceived as having the potential to hinder communication between government agencies and the business officers.

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