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Bringing you the right team at the right time. When you need professional advice, it’s important to speak to a specialist – not someone who knows a little bit about a lot of things (a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing…).

Based in Chelmsford, Essex and with clients up and down the country, the LR Connections group of companies has been offering financial advice to clients for 30 years, business advice for 25 years and estate planning services for 10 years.

We know that when you need advice you should reach the right person each time, which is why we have restructured our group by clearly labeling each company and their core services. It is our firm belief that working together gives the best advice. By contacting LR Connections you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

About LR Connections

Our Process

Finding the right team

  • When you contact LR Connections, we will put you in contact with an Adviser who will be able to answer any questions you may have and book an appointment if required.  

Putting you in contact

  • You will speak to a real person not a machine.
  • Our Adviser will ask you some more questions to get a better understanding of your situation and will arrange an appointment with you – at a convenient time and place – for you to go over your situation with them.

Keeping you up to date

  • LR Connections would like to keep you up to date with important things that are happening in the industry.
  • And we would also like to keep you up to date with our achievements.

What our clients say

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